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Mediterranea Metalli

MEDITERRANEA METALLI was born in 1992, situated in the district of Giugliano in Campania.
In 2005 this company went through a remarkable transformation, increasing its own technical and commercial resources , such to provide an extended range of products for each requirement.
In these last years our company has acquired an outstanding experience in the industrial, public and private sector, particularly in actions like buildings in metal carpentry, industrial warehouses, civil and industrial lofts, platform roofs of polycarbonate, aluminium window fixtures, safety staircases, industrial doors and main doors, shelving units to contain pallets, cantilevered shelving units, warehouse’s shelves and industrial assemblies.

We are able to supply a service about activities of treatment, both with hot dip galvanization and cold dip galvanization and of specific painting of each material, produced from us. Furthermore we are skilled to accomplish carpentry with average heavy iron by plan or following building site’s demands, boasting a technical office, constantly developing planning solutions, ensuring favorable solutions both economically and technically. All our products are certified, evaluated and checked, in accordance with current planning regulations, as such to guarantee reliability and safety during the ages.

Steel construction allows the architectural transformation of the building in a simple and swift way.

ISO Certifications of Mediterranea Metalli.

istituto giordano mediterranea metalli napoli
iso 9001 mediterranea metalli napoli

iso 3834 mediterranea metalli napoli